Tag Boy

The game of laser tag is played between two or more opposing players or teams, and its objective is to tag or target the opposing player using a laser tag gun. The gun emits infrared rays that are detected by sensors worn by the players. The game can be compared to the kids' game of tag but with guns. It was first released in 1979 for the public, inspired and popularized by the fight scenes in the wildly popular movie, Star Wars. Before that, the US army had already been using the same principle to train its soldiers for real combat.

Tag Boy

Today, laser tag is played all over the country in arenas, at parties for kids and outdoors with family and friends. In this article we talk about the equipment needed to play laser tag, the types or styles of games played, and how you can buy the equipment and other systems to play the game.

Laser Tag Equipment

The primary equipment for this game is the laser gun. This gun is made much like a handgun or a shotgun, but rather than projectiles, it emits a ray of infrared light. Just like a handgun, this also has a trigger, a grip and a barrel. It also contains various LED's, and a LCD screen that is used to communicate – the player can read his score and kills on that screen. These laser guns have a range of about 200-400 feet, with the guns with longer range used outdoors, and as a sniper's rifle. You can purchase them in sets of two, or as a single gun.

Laser Tag Vests are another important part of the game. These are embedded or affixed with infrared sensors, which is what allows the system to detect when a kill takes place. They are made out of leather or canvas, and give a sense of occasion to the game. Some vests have sensors on the shoulders, whereas others have them on the front and back. To target the opponent successfully, it is important to know what type of vest your opponent is wearing.

Base Stations, Sentries and Energizers are controlled using remote controls and directly to make the game more interesting.

Types of Games

The rules of the game can vary from game to game. Some games are inspired my movies and shows such as Terminator, Predator, Highlander and Star Trek, whereas other games are much like the First Person Shooter format from the video games. There are also the classic games of Capture the Flag, Elimination or Basic Tag and Paintball Style of playing Laser Tag. Usually, the laser tag system you will have will have some games pre-programmed into it – so when you want to play a particular game, you have to change the settings, and you are good to go.

You can play laser tag at one of the many arenas that are made just for this purpose all over the country. At these arenas you can rent the equipment and the arena space for a few hours, and play with your friends and family. You can also purchase laser tag systems to play the game at your home. Whether at arenas or in your own backyard, this game is a sure way to have fun with family and friends.